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Winner 2013 NAPO Award!

Eco Organizer NAPO Award Winning Service in Stony Brook NY

Best 2013 
Green Organizing

Welcome to is the green organizing website of Eileen Koff, CPO. We have filled these pages with information and resources that will help you reuse, reduce, recycle, and renew in many aspects of your daily life, steadily improving environmental outcomes for the future.

Articles by Eileen and shared other authors educate and enlighten about Green Organizing for your home and business, and make practical recommendations in this important area.

Our local actions have a global impact over time, and is here to help.

Based in Long Island, NY, our eco-organizing services are available through many avenues - seminars and workshops, online counseling, on-site consulting services... 

Contact us today for help in Going Green!

Green Organizer Eileen Koff NAPO 2013 Acceptance Speech